B Corp Month 2023: Let's collaborate!

Have an idea for a collaboration this B Corp Month? We’re chatting about the campaign at 12pm AEDT, and will be asking you to share ideas & join the conversation here. :point_down:

It’s not too late to register if you want to join! See you soon!


Hi fellow BCorps,

Happy BCorp Month!

Digital Storytellers are running a Collective Story process for the BCorp movement as part of BCorp Month.

We’re collecting stories from BCorps all through the month. Then together, weaving them into a collective story of what it means for the BCorp movement to “Go Beyond”.

We’d love if you would lend your voice to the movement…
Share your story here

And join us in the workshop to weave the Stories of Me, into our Story of We, and walk away with what it means for us, the BCorp movement, to “Go Beyond”.

Tue 28th Mar 2023
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm AEDT

Details & registrations here
(Use discount code BCM23 for 50% off for BCorps)

In this experiential workshop, you’ll also get to learn and practice the art of Story Leadership, a vital human-centered skill for leaders of today to embrace to navigate change, sense-making, strategy and vision building.

Hope to see you there!