Calling out Byron Bay B Corps

We are calling all Byron Bay B Corps to get together for a Friday knock off Bevy @ Stone & Wood?

There are many things to discuss/celebrate!

We can socialize :heavy_check_mark:
We have new leadership in the White House :heavy_check_mark:
We are moving with more momentum than we have seen in a long while :heavy_check_mark:

If there is any interest, we will set a date in Feb.

Much Love,


So great @Holly.McQueen!

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Hey @Holly.McQueen :wave: I missed this post somehow! I’m in Byron frequently and would love to come along if the dates align! I’m next up first few weeks of April, if it’d suit you to grab a knock-off bevvy or coffee sometime :beers:

I have a place in Sunrise so I cycle past the Verdecon office quite a bit en route to Stone & Wood :wink:

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Unreal, yes let’s do it! I can do Friday the 9th or the 16th.

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@natalie.brookes check this out :slight_smile:

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thanks @Anna-Crabb
Hi @Holly.McQueen & @alisonmichalk :wave:, I am also based in the Northern Rivers/ Byron neighbourhood and would love to join you and others. I’m currently part of cohort #2.
Fri 9th/16th April also works well for me.

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Fab Friday 9th April is best for me if that works! Shall we say 4pm?

@JamesPerrin can you make it?


Hey, I seemed to have missed this, sorry everyone!

Normally would be all over this however I’ll be on leave on the 9th. I can get one of our other team members to come and meet you though.

Let me know of you change it to the 16th and I’ll be there.


@alisonmichalk, @Holly.McQueen, @JamesPerrin,

Hi All, Hope you all had a fantastic Easter break. I held off confirming dates due to our recent Covid scare up here, anad thankfully no new cases recorded. I’m happy to still meet tomorrow as I know Alison will be up this way?

Let me know if you can still meet at 4pm as proposed at Stone & Wood (Byron), and anyone else who is in the vacinity.
Cheers- Nat

Hi Everyone,

Yep I’m keen to meet you all and get something going. My boss Dean is keen but he is in Sydney, he will join us next time.

All good to move it too if that is more suitable.

Hey folk! I can’t make it so sorry – held off on plans to be in town due to COVID scare. So glad that didn’t blow up.

Does the 16th or 23rd work for more people? So looking forward to it. :beers:

Pushing the date back seems to make sense, and include more people. I also believe @Michelle will be in town also.

Shall we try for the 16th and see if this pans out, all things given.


Yep, good plan :+1:

Hope for a lovely SUNNY arvo!

Hi everyone, so sorry I missed this! I don’t think I will be able to make it tomorrow as I am based at our Murwillumbah brewery and have meetings up here tomorrow… I’ll see how I go but if not I’d be keen to catch up another time!

I can’t make it today either – juggling school hols & kids so not about. I am around next week though if that works! Sorry folk - have a great day and weekend :sun_with_face:

No worries :relaxed: It was just an idea to bring some positive vibes to what we are doing everyday and to celebrate that.

Such a lovely day, think I will go. I’ve got no problem going next week as well!

I will be there next week (23rd) if you want to re-schedule… or just run it back 2 Friday’s in a row!

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Back to back- consider it done :hugs:

oh woohoo!! i will be there with bells on today!

I am heading to Byron shortly - see you soon Holly! and @JamesPerrin