Comms Climate Champion

Hey there fellow B Corp comms and marketing champions,

Just in case you’re not aware, at Mumbrella 360 this year Darren Woolley from Trinity 3P will be sharing the results of an industry survey to find the Comms Climate Champion.

Darren’s keen to include communications, branding, marketing, media, media buying and social media agencies and, since B Corps are at the forefront of ensuring the future of people and planet I think it’s important that as many of us as possible take part.

He’s already sent an invitation to several B Corp certified agencies (if you’ve received one he’s keen for you to take part - we are in fact given a special check box in the survey to signify that we’re a B Corp). If you haven’t received an invitation and would like to participate, you can contact Darren directly on to get your unique survey link.

And, if you’d like more information, you can read more here.

It would be great to see the top 10 results to be 100% B Corp!!


I was so happy when I saw your response on LinkedIn – good work :slight_smile: Digital Storytellers (@Zara is that you?) come to mind for their NetZero video work & more but I’m sure there are many!

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