Community Poll // Tell us what you care about!

As part of our new community newsletter, I’ll be including some survey results every month. It will help our B Corps see what other B Corps are doing, what they care about, and where we’re headed.

Which impact area are you most focused on improving right now?

  • Environment
  • Workers
  • Community
  • Customers
  • Governance

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We have to pick just one?! This is a fairly equal tie between Environment and Workers for Quiip. We’re doing a number of projects focused on diversity and inclusion at the moment but we’ve also committed to Net Zero 2030 and are at the early stages of calculating our carbon footprint. Will be interesting to see what the focus is for other B Corps.

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Haha I was literally deliberating between Environment and Workers before scrolling down to see your comment!

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Bumping this one - vote open until the end of this week :slight_smile:

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Great result :seedling: