Community campaigns: What do you want to see?

Outside of B Corp Month, what campaigns do you want to see to grow awareness about B Corps in Australia & Aotearoa? Who needs to be involved? How does it tie into B Corp values? How can we help?

Some inspiration:
Vote Every Day (US & Canada)
Make My Money Matter (UK; coming to Australia soon!)
Not Business As Usual (Australia)

I’ve often thought it would be cool if a big supermarket (Wollies/Coles) could use their ‘seasonal’ isle for a focus on B-Corp products (or maybe B-Corps, FairTrade, other certs) …like a showcase. Could B-Lab approach them to enquire about interest? I know someone at Woolies that you could talk to to test the idea.


Couldn’t agree more, John! We saw this in the U.S. and very recently the UK with Ocado. Then of course some of our B Corp marketplaces like Flora & Fauna and Biome do this on their online stores already!

We’d love to have a chat with Woolies if you want to put us in touch. :slight_smile:

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Kira! So glad this is being talked about. The consumer awareness still seems quite low in Australia. I feel like 1/20 say they know what a B Corp is… and people who should know don’t! I am eternally optimistic about the movement (as you know) but sometimes this gets deflating. We need a large campaign to grow awareness quickly, as word-of-mouth can only travel so fast… so that said…

VOTE EVERY DAY I think would be incredible, it’s the broadest and a great chance to showcase companies across all industries. I assume we can use all the existing collateral even?

We rallied companies to get ads for the climate strikes… can we do it for a consumer awareness campaign? Great folk like @PhilB could probably get us distressed media rates!

What do we need to make this happen?

It’s a question of having the right profile mix of B Corps in place as well Ally, and we’re very close I think. The Vote Every Day campaign presents some good learnings, not sure the message is right for our market but certainly we’re working on getting access to details on this. It ran for quite some time, so needs to be long-lasting to get the reach and engagement over time. On our agenda to progress and when we can put together some data on the US and UK campaigns we’ll share it back here. In the meantime we’d love to keep gathering ideas too.

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I do agree Andrew. Vote Every Day is Possibly it’s not quite the best fit and we could prob do something with a distinctly ANZ feel. I was probably jumping ahead thinking it might be easier to use the collateral and learnings.

It’d be great to hear what you learn from the global market.

We have so many amazing creative agencies here in Australia — what about a pitch process? Creative ideation is their expertise.

I do think part of the value prop of being a B Corp needs to be (sharply increased) consumer awareness. Also realise B Lab has plenty on their plate… so it might be something a collaboration of agencies could take on.

Keen to what others think!