Do raising wages in line with inflation have to be reviewed every year?

hello again - final question for today from me

• In Workers > Compensation Policies & Practices - if the company ticks yes to raising wages in line with inflation, should this be reviewed every year? Have any companies had challenges with this recently with the particularly high levels of inflation? @amelia.mcphee


I’m going to investigate this and will get back to you!

Thanks @amelia.mcphee . Let me know when you’ve investigated this. Jacqui

Hi Jacqui, I have followed up with our global team on this! They have said that evidence of intention and trend are what is important when it comes to assessing if they are providing cost of living adjustments. E.g. A cost of living adjustment mechanism in place that can be demonstrated to be an ongoing policy that is followed year after year, rather than a specific rate for a given year alone, and it would be recognised that meeting such high rates of inflation is challenging.

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Thanks Amelia for your help