Living Wage Questions in the BIA

Hello everyone!

I am Khushboo, I am part of the Certification team at B Lab Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand.

I wanted to flag updates to the two living wage questions (under the Workers Impact Area) in the B Impact Assessment.

The B Impact Assessment is now offering companies with workforces in Australia the opportunity to opt into additional answer selections in the Living Wage questions.

You would need to contact WageIndicator or Fair Wage Network. These organisations have been determined by the B Lab Global Standards team to have credible living wage methodologies and are providing companies either with paid datasets or confirmation at no cost on whether the minimum wage is equal to a living wage, based on where their workforces are located.

Apart from what you are paying your workers, you would also need to provide evidence of living wage confirmation from either of these two organisations during verification. An example of confirmation might be a written communication from WageIndicator saying that the minimum wage is equal to living wage in Australia, based on their methodology. At the moment, we have observed that companies are getting a faster response from WageIndicator.

Companies with New Zealand-based workforces can still use the same benchmarks as were previously accepted (Living Wage Movement Aotearoa New Zealand), plus what is now additionally available.

The ‘Learn More’ text in the question will provide you with more information on selecting the correct answer option.

If you prefer not to reach out to these organisations for verifiable living wage data that is okay, please select the N/A answer option and you won’t ‘miss out’ on points as they will get partially redistributed to other questions as well to the ‘N/A’ points score in your assessment.

Thank You