Customer Impact Business Model (IBM)

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I’m digging into the Customer Impact Business Model (IBM) and looking to connect with an Australian B Corp who may have had Customer IBM points reviewed and verified during their certification process?

I’m particularly interested in this question:

For this question, a considerable amount of points are designed to award companies who don’t just serve the underserved but serve the true bottom of the pyramid (households that earn less than $2 per day). From my understanding, based on information that’s provided, “the poor are people living below a recognized poverty line.”

Long story short, if your company successfully verified these points, what did you use to measure poverty?

I’ve found this article by The Guardian really helpful.


Hi there @KieraMurphy . We are in the process of going through our re-certification however we do currently hold a IBM for under-served customers. I am happy to talk with you if this helps? Feel free to drop me a email on or give me a call on 042 080 3689.

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Great, thank you @WendyMcCormick! I’ll follow-up via email. :raised_hands:

@Mindy_B_Lab / @Kiraday - Any insights you can share about the Customer IBM for ANZ businesses? Thank you! :pray: