Designed to Give IBM - claim if made a formal commitment but no historical data?

Qiulae and I met a company today and have a few questions, that I’ll add separately to the Support Chat:
• Designed to Give IBM - is it still the case that a new B Corp can claim these points if they’ve implemented a formal commitment to give 2% of sales going forward, even if they don’t have historical data to demonstrate they’ve done it in the past? @amelia.mcphee


Hi Jacqui! Yes, if the company has a detailed implementation plan that is signed by executive leadership, and they make their commitment public, then they can get the points for the commitment. The plan would include how the commitment will be integrated into the company’s business model, as well as a short-term timeline to meet the commitment as it should have immediate effect.Note that service-based companies on the Service with Minor Environmental Footprint Track are subject to a 5% of turnover/ 20% of profits as a minimum threshold for this model. Please also note that they will only be able to receive half of the points available for the model if they don’t have historical data to prove the commitment but can get some credit for formalising a new commitment. Their verification analyst will be the one to finalise the scoring of this model. This will then be further tested during their recertification.

Thanks @amelia.mcphee. this is really helpful. The company is Wholesale/Retail which I understand is 2% of turnover/20% of profits as the threshold. Please advise if this is not the case. Thanks again.

Correct, the threshold would then be 2% turnover /10% profits

ok. I’ll change it to 10% of profits. Thanks