Launch of 2023 Insights on NZ Sustainability Professionals

Oxygen Consulting in partnership with Auckland University of Technology (AUT), the Sustainable Business Council (SBC), and the Sustainable Business Network (SBN), have launched their fourth annual survey on the sustainability profession in New Zealand and are inviting eligible participants to take part.

Over the past three years, this research has observed the emergence of three distinctive sustainability role types. The 2023 research seeks to investigate these role types further so that we might provide more granular and useful information for professionals seeking a specific career pathway in sustainability and for organisations seeking to recruit sustainability roles.

The three sustainability roles being investigated include:

  • General – Leads the strategic direction, facilitates coordination, and implementation of organisational sustainability

  • Specialist – Delivers specialist expertise on specific technical or specialist aspects of sustainability

  • Additional – Core role is in another part of the business, but has some sustainability responsibilities

We want to be able to break down things like remuneration, gender pay, capabilities, support requirements, succession pathways and wellbeing by role type, to provide more meaningful insights.

If you are currently working in a New Zealand organisation and have sustainability responsibilities as part of or all of your role, please participate!

Your participation contributes to a free and open-source insights report to be published on Oxygen Consulting’s website later this year.

Find the survey and more information here :point_right: 2023 Insights on New Zealand Sustainability Professionals survey launches — Oxygen Consulting (

The survey is open until 7 March 2023.