Limiting Corporate Travel Policy

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With the new way of work being a hybrid of working from home/ working from the office I was wondering if anyone had an up to date “limiting corporate travel policy” ?


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Hey Michelle. Our is fairly brief, we say something like:

“In keeping with our initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, travel is limited to essential meetings only. All other meetings should be conducted online. Where face-to-face meetings are considered necessary please make use of your time and the trip, by batching visiting other clients and/or staff if required. When travelling please adhere to our environmental initiatives which include…”

These initiatives for example includes using public transport or carpooling where possible, minimising waste by taking keep cups/not ordering takeaway food, looking at eco creds of accommodation etc. I hope that helps! Always keen to hear from other Bs too! :earth_asia:


Kia ora Michelle,

We’ve got a mix of 3 things. Our highest level policy sets the expectation that our 1st preference is video conferencing (see wording below). We’ve also provided guidance as to what we think is a good use of travel, which we have aligned to our internal values, and then we’ve also set carbon budgets for travel at a business unit level, which is driving real engagement and accountability.

Policy wording:
it’s our preference to promote and make use of the video and telephone conferencing over travelling, where either:
Conferencing is considered sufficiently effective for conducting the business meeting;

  • The business activity would take less than 1 day to complete;
  • Multiple representatives from one area/project/business unit travel to attend a meeting;*
  • More than 25% of the participants taking part in the meeting/activity would be required to travel;
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Great thanks so much @alisonmichalk

Kia ora Julia! I love the concept of carbon budgets - that totally makes sense! Thanks so much for sharing - this is fab!