Masterclass: Sustainable and Inclusive Employment Pathways

Hello everyone,

For those B Corps looking to participate in and contribute to research and conversations on how to create sustainable pathways for priority job seekers within your organisations, this Masterclass with Phil Preston might be of interest to you.

The research project is funded under the Australia Research Council Linkage Project and is a joint research with industry. There are 90 minute sessions where participants share insights and learn from each other .

For this project, ACU Professor Jo Ingold and University of Sydney Associate Professor Angela Knox are collaborating with Jobsbank Australia and other key industry stakeholders to generate new employer-led solutions.

As B Corps committed to inclusivity, diversity and using business as a force for good, this could be of benefit in terms of sharing your experiences to inform the research being undertaken, and to enhance your impact.

Here’s the link to register and the Linkedin post setting out further details. :slight_smile: