Opportunity to share your story with the BBC!

Hi everyone! :wave: Sharing this global opportunity for B Corps to be involved in sharing your B Corp story worldwide! Story submissions are due June 28 - get involved below!

B Lab Global announces new digital series about the B Corp community to be produced for them by BBC StoryWorks

Can we change the way the world does business? In the face of widening social inequalities and planetary degradation, there exists a movement of companies pursuing more sustainable, regenerative and equitable ways of operating. Let’s show everyone that change is possible by sharing our stories.

B Lab is delighted to announce a call for stories to be featured in a new branded film series, produced by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions, examining how we can change the way we do business in response to society’s most critical challenges. The series of short films will explore the transformative actions of our network of Certified B Corps, featuring case studies of outstanding, inclusive impact among our diverse global community, that when taken together provide an inspirational model of what business can look like.

The series will be split across the following impact areas:

Workers: Companies that are going beyond for their employees, building thriving cultures that include and empower their workers

Consumers: Pioneering innovative products and services that meet diverse customers’ needs more sustainably and enable them to pursue healthier, happier lifestyles

Planet: The organisations making the biggest strides towards climate-positivity, biodiversity, circularity, and regeneration in their operations and supply chains, and working to preserve our air, climate, water, and land

Community: Businesses working to promote societal wellbeing by engaging responsibly with the communities in which they operate, hire, and source

Through vivid filmed case studies, the series will showcase impactful, scalable and inclusive initiatives through which our community is meeting the demands for a better vision of business. It will educate global audiences on the meaning and impact of stakeholder governance through the stories of those diverse stakeholders while aiming to galvanise consumers, workers, investors, and other organisations to ensure that effective action is taken collectively and at scale.

The series will be hosted on a dedicated branded microsite on BBC.com and launch formally in 2025. A multi-platform digital campaign will engage relevant audiences from among BBC.com’s 155 million monthly browsers, amplified by B Lab and its Global Network.

Get involved

BBC StoryWorks’ creative teams will be working directly with a selection of B Corps to create branded content as part of the campaign. If your organisation has a story to share in line with the above themes, please share expressions of interest by 28 June by filling out this short form: https://www.bbcstudios.com/bcorpstories :arrow_upper_right:

A selection of respondents will be invited to discuss engaging BBC StoryWorks’ creative teams to produce a branded piece for the series, which will require a fee determined by production variables. A team of BBC StoryWorks researchers, producers and writers will work closely with selected organisations to create vivid pieces, and partners will be supported by BBC StoryWorks and B Lab to promote the content on their own channels.

For further information, please contact: Grace Warren, Series Developer at BBC StoryWorks: grace.warren@bbc.com


Love. Hoping to see Jurlique featured.