Plastic Free July - A wrap up

Plastic Free July - A wrap up!

Glad to report our efforts were quite well received by the team here at Springload.

  • We had a chat channel dedicated to PFJ and good discussions were had. People sharing what they do to use/buy less plastic and also sharing resources like lists of Zero Waste shops in Wellington.
  • We had a team Friday night session where one of the Springloaders led a lesson in how to make wax wraps to use instead of clingfilm/gladwrap.
  • The team made suggestions on how we could reduce plastic use in the company kitchen which we are now implementing
  • We reminded the team to grab containers out of the kitchen to take to get takeaway lunches instead of getting single use containers
  • We emailed 5 companies to ask them to find alternatives to plastic packaging. We hoped to contact more but we were more time poor than expected! But I will take 5… Most of them responded with their reasoning around using the packaging they use and their other sustainability efforts so if nothing else we learned a bit about our supply chain!
  • And I personally made a special effort to actually wash my keep cup and put it back in my bag! I used it 9 times during July. No one else counted… maybe next year!

All in all I am proud of the team for getting on board!

This was my favourite Zero Waste informative link :

And this is my favourite eco stationery and kitchen supplies company at the mo: