PR interview opp: Seeking 'climate quitters' who have joined a B Corp

Hello B Corp community,

We are supporting a journalist at The Saturday Paper on a story on the rising trend of ‘climate quitting’, especially post-Covid, and how B Corp Certification offers a level of credibility that is attractive for people seeking roles in companies that are taking action on climate.

This is quite a specific brief: seeking an employee to be interviewed who is a ‘climate quitter’ and has joined a B Corp relatively recently and was attracted to B Corp and the credibility this offers. In particular:

  • Had a crisis of conscience at their company that wasn’t good on climate (possibly during the fires or a flood) and quit their job
  • Struggled to see past all the greenwashing
  • Found a B Corp and could apply there with confidence she wasn’t being taken for a ride
  • Is female or gender diverse (because he’s already interviewed two males)

If anyone would like to suggest a potential interviewee, please email me:

Many thanks!