Rainforest Rescue & a Huge Mural!

Hi B Corp Community:

I’m Partnerships Director at Rainforest Rescue and I’m really excited to be here! Rainforest Rescue is an NFP buying back vulnerable, unprotected Daintree Rainforest. So far we’ve rescued 42 properties and planted over 337,000 trees in the Daintree region.

Many of our Partners are B Corps so it warms my heart to see so many of you here!

In connecting with the wonderful @alisonmichalk about a cool comms opportunity, she suggested I post here - so I have finally mustered the courage!

RR have access to a HUGE wall in Sydney that needs to be repainted with an environmental/ rainforest education message in sustainable paint, by a very well known artist/muralist totally gratis. The current mural reads ‘Trees Are the Answer’ and it is in Wooloomooloo.

I wondered if there were any BCorps here that may want to kick in for the paint and crane etc (which I’m trying to get donated) which we’re estimating will be about $15/20k.

In contributing to the costs, this/these B Corp(s) can work with us on the environmental message - the content etc! Education is one of the biggest threats to the protection of rainforest… so there are some cool education pieces that we are thinking that can also link the mural to other mediums.

We will be pushing out comms/ PR around the refreshed Mural, the message, and spotlighting those that have funded it - and the muralist (I can share this deets to those interested separately) - will of course push your support through his channels which are very strong ;-).

Lots more to discuss - and a lot of fun, education, and impact to have as a result!

Thanks so much for reading :wink: