Refill packs - where are these captured in the BIA please?

Qiulae and I met with my first company today as a (rookie) B-Lab consultant.

• Refill packs - if a company offers bulk refill packs as a product, i.e. so that the customer isn’t buying a new dispenser bottle with every purchase, where is this reflected (if at all) in the BIA?
Is Resource conservation a relevant IBM for refill packs? @amelia.mcphee


Hi Jacqui! Yes, this would generally be captured under Ops. If the company provides refills for something that is not ordinarily refilled then this will be considered on a case-by-case basis at evaluation. For this to be captured in an IBM, it would fall under Environmentally Innovative Process. The company would need to provide evidence that their packaging volume has been dramatically reduced (by at least 20%) compared to the industry standard and has been designed according to Circular Economy Principles, then they may be able to earn credit IBM credit here.

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Thanks @amelia.mcphee for your comprehensive reply.