Sharing a resource for The Voice Referendum

Hi B Corp Community.

With the upcoming referendum on The Voice, I took the opportunity to interview leading YES campaigner Thomas Mayo on our podcast “For Love & Money”.

Like many of you, I’m sure, I’ve been dismayed and shocked at the amount of disinformation being propagated by the No campaign, which is why I asked Thomas to be a guest on the podcast. He is a great speaker and he calmly and patiently responds to all the questions I put to him - the legitimate questions that many people are grappling with, alongside the more manipulative questions and challenges. I’ve had feedback from a few people who have said they learnt things they didn’t know before and it has caused them to change their mind from unsure to Yes.

I understand some B Corps participated in a roundtable session with Thomas, so you’ll know how great a speaker he is. For those that didn’t get a chance to participate, this resource might be of interest. My hope is it can also be used to share with others who may be struggling to understand which way to vote. Here’s a link to our podcast page, where you can also find links to the episode in your favourite listening platform

Hope this is helpful.