Sustainability metrics and goals into JDs and Performance reviews

Kia ora B Corp’s Aotearoa

As part of our B Corp goals, I am currently working on an inclusion of sustainability metrics and goals into JDs and Performance reviews.

I see great value in collaboration in this space and curious if others would like to meet up and share ideas to inspire and support each other to create meaningful team engagement?

Please feel free to email or call anytime.

Ngā mihi nui

Nina Griffith

HealthPost & BioBalance
027 585 0661


Hi Nina!

Love this idea. I’ve done some thinking in the space a few times and had some chats with people. Happy to share the options I’ve come up with. I’ve not actually implemented anything yet but I’ve got a couple of paths I could potentially go down.

Shall we arrange a time for a vid chat?

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I’d love to join! This is something we do, but I think can be done better.


Kia ora Clare & Lee

I would love to have a catchup and discuss! A few of us meet up this week and shared some ideas, happy to share that recording with you.

Propose Wed 25th May at 10am - please email ( and let know if that works for you both and I will send a teams invite through :slight_smile:

Ngā mihi nui

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