Talking Reconciliation Action Plans - Free Event!

Talking Purpose, Talking Reconciliation for National Reconciliation Week*

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RAP isn’t just another corporate acronym - it’s the most important step that organisations can take towards reconciliation.

This National Reconciliation Action Week - Be Brave, Make Change - Join Purpose and frog for an in-person event and conversation on the role of Reconciliation Action Plans.

Supported by an expert panel from Reconciliation Australia, TAFE, Virgin and more, we’ll talk about the importance of putting rigour behind the process of creating a Reconciliation Action Plan with intention and concrete actions. We will openly talk about the challenges organisations might face in the RAP process, how to overcome them, and how to use your RAP as a tool to affect deep, meaningful change within our current business structures.

Purpose APAC started the journey of building their first RAP under the frameworks and guidance of Reconciliation Australia in 2021. We recognise that racial justice has deep roots and a long history in Australia, and these injustices continue today. We know that as an organisation we need to do our part in advocating for reconciliation, fighting for an Indigenous voice to parliament, a treaty and a meaningful truth and reconciliation process - and that developing our own RAP is just the first step for us to begin to understand our responsibility and appropriate role in supporting this cause.

While tickets are free, you must register and show your ticket on arrival, as we have limited tickets available.


We at SilverChef has just commenced this journey. I have shared your event with my colleague who is managing this piece of work, hopefully she can make it.