What can we do to help the people of Afghanistan?

Hi Wonderful BCorp Family, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s heart is breaking for the people of Afghanistan, does anyone have any ways of helping/supporting? Maybe we can do something as a community?


I have been feeling the same. Helpless and heavy about the whole debacle. I don’t know enough about things on the ground or what we can do to help but if anyone else does I would love to hear. Feeling so worried for our sisters over there.


Someone in my workplace posted this message in our Instant Messenger system this morning:
If anyone is feeling as helpless and devastated as I am regarding the current Afghanistan crisis, here are a few organisations I’ve donated to today if anyone else is interested:

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And this:

There is also this document that lists out some valuable resources:

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Sorry, this link didn’t post in my first message:

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Awesome thank you! I donated to the Women for Women International but these are great too, will share with the team. Thanks!