Canadian Team Struggles

Hello :slight_smile:
Our team in Canada and North America are struggling in their lockdown - we have an EAP and they do online trivia, drawing classes - via zoom etc but craving team activities away from the scene - any suggestions would be great.

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Hi @GemmaMills, I use Miro and notice a lot of teams posting a variety of games and activities that they’re using during lockdown. Basic access is free and you can use their video chat or share on any other platform.


Thanks so much Jacqui - huge help :slight_smile: wishing you a wonderful weekend x

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Hi Gemma, during our very long second lockdown in Melbourne last year, I created a ‘Who am I?’ game for employees to get to know each other. I asked 5-7 employees every fortnight to provide a few things people usually don’t know about them, then I created a Powerpoint with a slide about each. I displayed tips one by one and people would write their guess on Zoom only to me and they would get 4 points if they guessed with the first tip, 3 points with the 2nd tip, etc. And at the end of the game I announced who won. We didn’t do gifts but could have done a gift card.
Our people really loved learning fun facts about other employees and it created a connection I never thought we could have after not seeing each other in person for over 3 months.

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Thanks so much Coralie! Great idea :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea @Coralie! We have a long-running thread called “5 things and a quirk” – when new people join the team they have a very long & interesting read and get to add theirs.

As we’ve been an entirely remote team since inception (11 years) “workplace” (Facebook product) is key to keeping everyone connected. Our “social” area has lots of interesting threads. We also do things like $200 Health & Wellbeing bonus which encourages people to post and share what they did ie. bought new boots and went hiking.

And one of the things I really love which is great for morale, is our weekly fitbit hustle… although not sure how tight US/CAN lockdown is in terms of exercise? All you need is a fitbit (we offer $100 towards one) and fitbit app does the rest. You can do “bingo” and other exercise games in there too…

Late to the party but hopefully this helps. @GemmaMills I hope you are well! Stay safe!

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This is great - thanks Alison :slight_smile: