80 km radius for local customers - economic impact

Has anyone had any experience answering the question ‘Do the majority of the customers live locally to your company’s headquarters or production facilities?’ when the company is producing purely intangible, digital product?

Customer can live within the 80km, but often decision makers and others in the ‘production process’ can be +80km away.

Advice please!

Thank you

Hi @rshwetz! Credit in the local questions, and Local Economic Development IBM is typically not available to companies producing intangible, digital products because those companies typically do not have a commitment to only serve their physical local communities which is what these questions are designed to award credit for.

If your client company has this intention even though it could be serving customers from anywhere in the world given its fully online presence, then it would need to have a formal commitment to do this, and would need to show that the majority of its customers (the individuals who have purchased its digital products) are local to the company’s HQ/ main office. If not, then the answer would be no.

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