Businesses majority owned by women and underrepresented communities

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I’m seeking advice on this question please: What percentage of your purchases were from companies that are majority-owned by women or individuals from underrepresented populations?

Our business is tracking supplier diversity which has been a difficult process to say the least!
Can someone please explain the definition of a majority-owned female business, I’m assuming this is 51%?

Thank you all

Hi Lydia, that is correct. Any business that is 51% or more owned by women could be included.

Please note that ‘underrepresented populations’ could also include Aboriginal or Maori communities in the context of Australia and New Zealand respectively.


Thanks Mindy! We’d like to drill down on BIPOC ownership too, is this something you’d expect from B Corps? We’d like to, however researching this information’s been difficult.

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Lydia, it may possible if you are able to demonstrate it. As you said, the availability of this info is limited and you may have to ask your suppliers to verify, which could proof to be difficult. On the other hand showing the list of suppliers from Supply Nation that you buy from might be much easier (as an example).

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Thanks again Mindy. :grinning:

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