Call for Impact Partners to forward the UN SDGs

Hi Team! Project Everest, is a certified B Corp and certified social enterprise committed to solving world issues using business, focussing on the UN SDG’s and giving consumer power back to those residing in developing economies. We work with a number of what we call Impact Partners, to provide them with unprecedented access to market testing in overseas and Australian communities in order to use their current products, services and technologies to contribute to solving world issues.

If you have technologies, products or services that you think would be of benefit to communities in rural Australia and overseas, we’d love to help you test the market. It’s a great way to diversify and contribute to the UN SDG’s using the power of business.

If you’re interested, comment below and we’ll organise a time to get in touch!


Hey @jimmybayssari

Would love to know what types of products and services would be most valuable and meaningful to communities in rural Australia and overseas.

Hi @jimantonopoulos, thanks for your reply! We are looking for tech based solutions to early-childhood education, disability services, homelessness and eco-conservation (bee population preservation, native flora & fauna conservation).

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