Ethics focused risk assessment?

Almost every question in the BIA seems like fascinating rabbit hole to fall down, and this is one of them.

What practices does your company have in place to promote ethical decision-making and prevent corruption?

We have conducted an ethics-focused risk assessment in the last two years.
(Others answers include whistle blower policy, internal financial controls, a written Code of Ethics.)

I am looking to learn a little more about companies who’ve done a Risk Assessment. If there are existing frameworks/surveys etc.

Thank you wise ones!


Hi Alison, I’m an undergraduate student in the US working on a project to help a small local company become B Corp certified. I ran across your question here as I have just the same question! Wondering if you’ve had any luck finding any existing surveys or more information about what a good Risk Assessment looks like. Thanks!

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Maybe some of the larger organisations have more insights into what an ethics-focused risk assessment looks like? Perhaps @KateCarroll ?

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