Project/ Client Decision framework


I really hope all is well with you.

I am looking for a framework, or decision guidance on how to ethically select projects and clients that we choose to work with.

This is important to us as Marlin Communications has chosen to date to only work with not-for-profit and charitable organisations.

However, we are gradually working with more social enterprises—and other commercial businesses that seek to do social good.

One of the things that recently has come up, is a need to decide on whether we work with a business outside our niche—but that offers a social good. We need a simple decision process/ framework that we would like to have in place to determine whether we should/ should not work with a new client and their project.

Can you help?

Thanks, Karl

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I was reading the B Corp “Controversial Issues” page yesterday.

Could be useful as food for thought as they have detailed their frameworks and approaches on various issues.

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Hi Karl, great to have you here! Do you have any sort of Supplier Survey in place? You could put one together in typeform/survey monkey. The attached doc should help!

B Resources - Conducting a Supplier Survey.pdf (533.3 KB)


Great - thanks Alison… it’s for customers, though some of these supplier questions are a good guide—K

Would be great to hear from others in the community with regards to client screening questions and processes. It sounds like you need an ethical charter meets supplier survey.

I think the categories from @ttobie’s link provide a good list of areas to avoid.

Australian Ethical have a charter (which seems to be less specific than it once was?), as do Bank Australia.

I like asking clients if they have commitments to the SDGs too, as there are often alignments there.


Thanks Alison—I REALLY like Aust Ethical’s charter… it’s something that I’d be very proud to display to all clients… K

Hi @Karl, Aspiring B Corp Harvey talks about their supplier selection screening in this blog: