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An Environmental trust have reached out to me to as a corporate has offered them sponsorship to support their environmental restoration. (Yay!) But they haven’t done this before and need to prepare a sponsorship agreement.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a Sponsorship agreement template or list of things they should include in the agreement? Or who they could reach out to for advice?

I assume NZ specific would be best. Pretty sure they are in Stewart Island…

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I’ll email my mate Kylie from www.nfpnz.org as I reckon she’d have a template.

I’ll cc you and do it now.

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Kia ora Clare :slight_smile:

A couple of strategic due diligence things you might like to note to the Trust. There is a lot of greenwash out there at the moment and sponsorship can get messy with it. Some due diligience questions I’d suggest, before signing an agreement. Why do the corporate want to sponsor them?
What work is the corporate doing themselves to address the environmental harm their supply chain, operations and product use creates?
What reputational risk does the sponsorship represent for the Trust? (For instance, if the corporate was to get into the news for the environmental harm they create. Or if other supporters of the Trust might perceive the sponsorship money as tainted in some way.)

European markets are more mature in the assessment of greenwash risks than NZ so it would be worth the Trust looking at an example agreement from there. For instance I know of a restoration Trust there that work with one corporate who are not allowed any publicity from the association, even staff posting on LinkedIn, to preserve the recipient organisations integrity. Arts institutions have ended decades long sponsorships by oil companies etc.

I’m happy to talk more about any of this to the Trust if that would be useful
e mauri ora

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Really good things to think about! Thank you!

You’re very welcome Clare - there’s a real power imbalance with charitable Trusts being so dependant on volunteers and often desperate for funding and corporates who are looking for quick wins. Def worth ironing some of the potential kinks out in a process of agreeing principles before getting into the detail of an agreement. A facilitated/mediated process might help with that prelim work too. Best of luck to your contact :slight_smile: