Hitch - Calculation and analysis of staff communte

Hitch are a new Wellington company who are helping businesses calculate the emissions of how their employees get to work. They also do analysis of the data so you can take action!
E.g Staff don’t bike because there aren’t enough bike racks > Let’s buy more bike racks!

We’re thinking about asking them to calculate the emissions around our staff commute to include in our carbon offset next year. I’m excited to see what insights they can give us!

After meeting with Claudia from Hitch she sent me an example of the report you’d get and said I could share it and her contact details with you all! She said they could absolutely offer the same service for Australian companies.

Collecting employee commute data can be difficult. Hitch has made it easy through their commuter analysis product. Hitch takes the admin away from this process and works with you to quantify, track and reduce the impact of your employees’ commute over time. Attached is a sample report with dummy data from the most basic package. All of the packages also come with the raw data. If you’re interested, reach out to claudia@hitcharide.co.nz or check out www.hitcharide.co.nz

Hitch Example Report.pdf (999.9 KB)


Ooh was just talking about staff commuting with a client - thanks so much for sharing @Clare.

I really love it when people post resources in the community and would love to see more of this happening so we can build up an awesome knowledge repository. You are definitely on top of the resource-sharing leaderboard! :raised_hands:

:blush: Aww thanks! Same here. I love it when I don’t have to re-invent the wheel!

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Todd & Claudia are da bomb, love Hitch! We’re also working with them for reporting :smiley: