📚 Making a life at the end of the world

I was reading this Dumbo Feather article this morning on a book called “Believers: Making a Life at the End of the World” and this quote stood out and reminded of the important community of practice we are hoping to build here in this online space. :heart:

"There are innumerable ways to fight for a habitable future, but they all depend on forming real embodied relationships with one another and our ecosystems.

Obviously, a big piece of the puzzle is stopping the companies who are not only largely responsible for destroying the planet but profiting hugely from that destruction. But I also view them as an extension of an inherently unsustainable expansionist system that involves nearly every one of us to greater and lesser extents. It’s not enough to resist and dismantle, we need positive constructs to live into. "

Dumbo Feather - Lisa Wells finds reasons to believe

The book can be found here: