Melbourne Cup - appropriate for a B Corp?

Hello fellow B Corps! I’m seeking perspectives on an issue we have that comes up every year in our business - Melbourne Cup. The People and Impact Team would prefer not to celebrate an event that’s associated with animal cruelty. However, we have someone in our leadership team who always wants to hold an event or sweepstake. I’m interested to know the position of other B Corps on this issue, please?

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It’s a tricky one – what did you decide @Kate_Burke? In the past a Sydney B Corp, Benedictus (@PhilB) had a “Nup to the Cup” event which quite a few B Corps attended. It was great fun!

At Quiip we’re an entirely remote company so we can avoid the issue. However our ethical charter states we won’t work with companies involved in animal cruelty so it makes our position fairly clear.

Could you make it very clear that participation is optional and it’s not a company-endorsed event perhaps?

Keen to hear how other B Corps handle this, as it’s an interesting one.

Hi Kate,

This is a great question!

At Future Group we always say Nup to the Cup as we don’t invest in gambling or animal cruelty, and we (accordingly) don’t invest our time in celebrating this race.

The Nup to the Cup ritual started as vegan morning teas, which adapted to vegan treats in the mail through the pandemic.

Our latest iteration this year is that we’ve made a chunky donation to

Hope this is useful for 2024!



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And we’re a remote-first company like Quipp, so it’s much easier to forego any requests for IRL events!

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