Procurement Strategy - need a consultant!

Hi all, would appreciate any recommendations for consultants we could engage to develop an ESG procurement strategy; as we don’t have the internal capacity to drive this.

I’ve done a quick Google search and can only find massive consultancy firms, which I’d prefer to avoid!

Thank you in advance,



Hi Lydia! :wave:

Is this a procurement strategy for your own internal purchasing such as catering, office supplies etc?

@Kirsty_Dare and @bethwallach at Really Good might be able to help you?

You can also see all the B Consultants here, some are likely to have more expertise in procurement:

Hope this helps!

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Hi Lydia,
I work on procurement and supplier strategies and codes of conduct for a range of sectors and orgs. Feel free to get in touch:

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hi @LydiaHo,
At The Growth Activists we’re highly experienced in helping clients develop comprehensive procurement and supply chain strategies, policies, practices and reporting frameworks. Please reach out to @KirstySimmonds at and she’d be happy to learn about your challenge and suggest an approach for you. :slight_smile:

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Hi Lydia

This is something we might be able to help with at Nation Partners. Feel free to send over some further information to us at so we can chat further!

We have some further information about our ESG Advisory offering on our website if you’re interested - Sustainability and ESG Advisory - Nation Partners


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