Retail / Employing refugee + new migrant women

The Social Outfit - a Sydney-based social enterprise - wanted to share their retail training program with the community.

It’s a great program for B Corps with retail spaces to support candidates from refugee and new migrant backgrounds. Read more about the program here.


How great, thanks for sharing Kira. And good work TSO. Are they here? :slight_smile:

Another opportunity for cafes & retail spaces!

The Wise Barista Program works with asylum seekers & refugees to develop their barista skills, providing crucial training and employment opportunities.

They partner with Melbourne’s ASRC and Sydney’s ASC to connect participants to host organisations with existing cafe spaces or those looking to create a new one.

A great opportunity - especially for the non-Victorian B Corps here. :slight_smile: More info attached.
Wise Barista Program Partner Proposal_2020.pdf (3.8 MB)