Say hello 👋 Introduction thread

Hi I am Gillian Corban founder of Corban & Blair with my cousin Amanda Blair. We design sustainable products, manufacture in Australia, use recycled materials where-ever possible, collaborate with others to design unique solutions.

Most popular are recycled leather journals, card holders, luggage tags, travel wallets, bookmarks, carbon neutral photo frames, satchels and bags as well as genuine leather accessories. We make to order as well as carry stock and collaborate with Indigenous artists.

We became a proud BCorp member last year. We would love to create products with other BCorp members.


Hello Everyone,

I’m Angie - the new Director of Communications here at B Lab Australia & Aotearoa New Zealand. I joined in December just before the Xmas/New Year break. It was a fantastic time to join and meet the whole team and board members during the end-of-year gatherings. I am so impressed with the incredible B Corp community!

I bring twenty years of communications and marketing experience across lots of different brands, business sizes and sectors, with a strong interest in social impact, to this new role. My strengths are time optimisation, writing, organisation, optimism, and strategic awareness. I love to span the planning and the doing, and working with talented and passionate people (i.e. the whole team at B Lab!) lights me up. I’m excited to develop the local narrative and storytelling and to build the profile of this movement to support our vision for changing the economy. I look forward to connecting with you and hearing/sharing your stories.

I hope to see many of you tomorrow at our B Corp Month toolkit briefing meeting too!


Nice to see our paths cross again, @jimantonopoulos ! Hope you’re travelling well!

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Hi everyone! My name is Anthony and I’m a Wellingtonian-turned-Melburnian. I’m a consultant at Baringa, a management consulting firm focused on energy and climate (we do work across other sectors across our global business). We are a relatively new BCorp (June 2022), and I am pretty new to Baringa (September 2022).

I’ve always been passionate about the climate and made the move from a broad consulting career to zoom in on the energy transition. I’m also very interested in sustainable food chains, particularly plant-based alternatives. And yes, I’ve already joined BCCC :slight_smile:

Looking forward to getting to know you/changing the world with you!


Welcome Anthony!

So nice to cross paths — let’s organise a time to catch up on all things.

Hello B Corp friends,

I’m Joel from Rock Agency. We’re based in Cremorne, Melbourne – a digital agency partnering with a whole heap of different brands and helping them grow. We do all the digital things – website design and dev, digital marketing, and branding.

We became proudly B Corp certified in 2022 (still new) and our team of fifteen are all really passionate about keeping the movement present and alive for our business.

There’s lots I think we nail about our B-corp commitments – day-to-day sustainability, doing pro-bono and heavily discounted work for NGOs and businesses with causes we believe in, and we’re proud to be a female-skewed and really diverse team.

That said, we want to expand our horizons on the volunteering and community engagement front. Anyone got any advice on what works, or doesn’t for them?

We want to contribute meaningfully, not tokenistically. And, if possible, get out from behind our screens to learn, meet people, and do something more hands-on. Would love to hear about what you’re up to.

My email is :slight_smile:

We’re also keen to partner with other B Corps because it’s more fun creating when values align. We can offer a free website or digital marketing audit if anyone feels it’d be useful to them.

Lots of agencies offer them – we know – but we’d do it differently: we’d offer a thorough report then catch up with you and talk through in person. Go through the action points, the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys’. There’d be no pressure for follow-through, but if you wanted to we would then give you a 20 percent discount on that work.

Please get in touch - share volunteering ideas, or take us up on a free audit.

Either-either I look forward to hearing from you, or, perhaps, meeting you at a B Corp event in the near future (for example the Social Impact Business Meet Up on Tuesday 7th Feb at Into Coffee in Collingwood).




Helllooo B Corp like minded peeps
My name is Jaz and I am apart of The Hallway Ad agency team. Firstly a huge thanks to @alisonmichalk for this community and your support!

The Hallway purpose is be a creative catalyst for a flourishing world. They have embraced the culture & workers piece beautifully. We are looking to be B Corp certified and it is my job to help make this happen.

I am so fortunate to have been brought up with similar beliefs so B Corp is apart of my every day life and now I can work on making it apart of every day business.

Hopefully I will meet some of you this Thursday 16 March in Sydney, `We Go Beyond Sydney Celebration’.
Onwards and upwards!

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@Joel helloo and good qu re volunteering & community engagement. I will be watching for any suggestions.

Hello! I am the CMO and Director of SkedGo, an Australian Mobility-as-a-Service technology company. We have just achieved B Corp certification, which we are all very excited about as we are a very purpose-driven business. Any other transport nerds in the community, fee free to reach out.


Hi Everyone! :wave:t2:

My name is Jonny and I’m based out of sunny Byron Bay. :man_surfing:t2:

I was recently introduced to the B Local community here in the Northern Rivers and am pleased to share with you some details about my business, Planet Earth Ventures. :earth_asia:

Planet Earth Ventures exists to ‘support businesses that are supporting the planet’.

Following the acquisition of our business last year, I’ve devoted my time and energy towards the intersection of business and impact with the goal of supporting founders & business owners along their own journey.

The main offering is our Mastermind Groups - these are curated and facilitated peer advisory forum groups made up of 7-10 founders/business owners - think of it as your own personal & business support squad!

I was part of an executive forum for the past 11 years and it was a life changing experience for me - supporting me through all of the ups and downs in business and in life and helping me get to where I am today! My goal is to bring this same opportunity but to businesses that have sustainability as a key focus.

If you are interested in joining one of the Masterminds (or know someone who may), please fill out the EOI on the website or if you just want to have a chat to learn more send me a message or email me at

I also work 1:1 with some companies in a range of areas ranging from product commercialisation, strategy, operations, international expansion, B2B, founder support and more. The nature of this can be tailored to the company, so it may be advisory/consultancy, it could be project-based or it could be fractional support. Let me know if this is of interest.

I’m pleased to be part of this community and please feel free to hit me up anytime for a chat. :v:t2:




Hi everyone,

My name is Steve. I’m a Co-Director of the recently certified Hone Built Pty Ltd. We are a sustainability-focused architectural home builder based in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.

It has been a goal of ours since our inception almost 5 years ago to be B Corp certified and we’re very excited to now officially be part of the community!

Looking forward to the journey.



Welcome to the B Corp community Steve and the Hone Built team :wave:

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Hi Steve - congrats on your new B Corp status. Looking forward to seeing you at some of the virtual events.

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Thanks Jacqui! Looking forward to being involved.