Statement on social or environmental impact of a company’s philanthropy

Hi there B Corpers!
We are putting together our formal statement on the intended social or environmental impact of our company’s philanthropy, and I wondered if anyone has completed their statements or has some good examples. We’re brainstorming how we can display this information.
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Thank you in advance, team!


Hi Claire, ours is fairly straightforward but details our commitment (Pledge 1%) and how we choose our organisations, using the SDG framework. We combine the pledge with the report.

We largely only use this internally to share, and also for our B Impact Assessment. So it’s fairly basic but hope it helps. For more info our full impact report might be of use.

We hit $100K in donations this year, since becoming a a B Corp in 2018. Woo!

CharitableGiving_FY2023.pdf (1.7 MB)