Tackling the S in ESG

Hi B Community, just thought I’d share an article we just released from one of our Human Rights experts on the topic of ESG and ESG reporting which can be difficult to navigate.

As businesses increasingly prioritise sustainability and shape their strategy around an ESG framework, its common to see an imbalance between their various commitments and initiatives. Environmental and governance issues are at the fore, but when it comes to the S or the ‘social’ pillar, maturity often lags. But why is the S in ESG so hard?

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Thank you for sharing the article, Jacinta. I enjoyed Brian Kraft’s clear outline of the issues and suggested the next steps for ESG reporting on human rights.

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Terrific to hear, thanks for your feedback Kathy!

Hi Jacinta, thanks for posting, this is really interesting! We actually help companies tackle the S in ESG, especially workplace giving, volunteering, and corporate fundraising. For anyone interested, we can be found www.catalyser.com. Or shoot me a message!

Thanks for the feedback Nova! Great to hear of the good work you are doing as a fellow B Corp like us helping business successfully navigate ESG :smiley: