Subsidised Childcare - What is the best way?

Hi All
I am looking at introducing subsidised childcare in our small business later next year (on the second anniversary of our one employee that uses childcare). I am just wondering if there is anyone who has done this (incorporating the free 20 hours from age 3) and if so, how you would go about doing it?

50%, 25%, any suggestions, any thoughts.
Or, if you are thinking of doing this, do you want to have a chinwag about your thoughts?

Regards Carey.

@Clare @LeeBright @TheGrowGoodGuy Wondering if you might know of anyone in Aotearoa doing this?

I’ve not had anyone offer that yet!

I’d work out what you are prepared to offer/can offer and talk to the employee.

Thanks, I think that possibly is the best option, I presume it isn’t a taxable supply. Will ask my Accountant.

Just thought I would update everyone, my Accountant advises that subsidised childcare becomes a Fringe Benefit, so means that we would have to enter the FBT regime (which is so onerous that I won’t even consider it).

Thats a real shame. Will have to look at some other way - probably just a payrise.

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I don’t unfortunately. It would be a great thing to do though!