Two Sustainability B Corps Merge

Hi B Community, this is just a little announcement from us sharing some exciting news. Last week we at Ndevr Environmental announced our merger with fellow B Corp Anthesis - the largest group of dedicated sustainability experts in the world!
Sometimes M&A’s don’t always go smoothly with stakeholders, but we think it is a testament to the types of companies and leadership who are part of the B Corp movement, that when you have two B Corps merging you instantly know there is alignment in values, mission and purpose. This makes the transition and bringing stakeholders along on the journey much easier when you start off with core alignment.
Just another example of why being part of the B Corp movement is so valuable!


Hi Jacinta, thanks for the announcement. Just curious, what’s your take on this article? I understand Carlyle has a majority share in Anthesis. Thank you

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Hi Lydia, apologies for the delay in replying I just saw your message.
Thanks for the question, it is also one we asked when we found out about the merger! The short answer is we are committed to impact at scale, and the best way to do this is to get on the inside to partner with the biggest emitters and help them transition.
As you have seen Carlyle does have a portfolio consisting of many of these globally and now our international team of experts have access to partner with them to make real progress for deep decarbonisation at scale and the transition to a more sustainable business.
When the partnership was agreed, since Anthesis is a B Corp, a list of 8 partnership principles was drawn up to guarantee the commitment to retain B Corp certification and abide by the commitment and values.
So - it is actually a very exciting time to ramp up our positive impact!
Lastly, I believe several of the figures in The Guardian article were wrong, the media team reached out to The Guardian with the accurate figures but they declined to update the piece which is a shame.
Hope that helps understand this a little more and thanks again for the question! :slight_smile: