Do you need support in Business Development, Marketing Research or Business Analysis? I can help

Hi B Corp Community!

I´m currently looking for opportunities to collaborate in a part-time role or as an independent consultant.

I´m a skilled person passionate about working alongside purpose-driven companies. I am a lifelong learner. With years of experience in various industries, I´m now embracing the opportunity to offer my background to be a team player by supporting business development, and unlocking opportunities for growth with the greatest possible social impact.
My passion is enhancing the performance of a project by listening, analysing, and connecting the dots in a process, identifying improvement possibilities. I´m dedicated to absorbing information through reading, researching and networking, and I have the capacity of turning data into valuable, clear and simple communications. I’m interested in building communities for good; paving the way so that more people can access information, be better prepared and to live up to their higher potential.

Through my job experience I´ve develop a set of skills, which include but are not limited to the following areas:

• Strategic and analytic thinking
• Process building to go from the idea to the action
• Team building
• Storytelling
• Business intelligence
• Partnership management
• Networking
• Strategic communication
• Agile framework

I´d like to mention a set of values that guide my daily life:

• Self-driven
• Caring and desire to be of service
• Empathetic and excellent listener
• Curious, passionate, resilient and enthusiastic
• Keen to learn and grow
• People person
• Accountable
• Respectful and peacemaker
• Committed to conserving the planet, people´s wellbeing and animal welfare.

Take a look at this information: Angela Alvarez - Google Drive


I wellcome any interest to have further conversations and work together.


Angela Alvarez
0431 544 786