Job descriptions that incorporate social and environmental performance

Hi everyone!

We love the idea to incorporate social and environmental performance into our JD’s. We’re just not sure how to do it… hoping to get your help!

Being a digital agency the answer isn’t an obvious one, and often not obvious how it connects to our roles. I can see it being easier for a role like office manager where they are directly dealing with suppliers for the company.
But not sure how we could weave it into a user experience designers role or a back end developers…

Any thoughts, examples or ideas would be much appreciated!



I believe the best way to do it is to identify your theory of change and run a materiality assessment (if you haven’t already) and then run a workshop with the team so that they can then identify how their roles feed into the change that you’re aiming to create. That might be as part of their day-to-day role or as part of pro-bono work that they do. Note, I’m pretty sure you don’t have to necessarily incorporate both social AND environmental impact into roles if you’re not set up for both. At least that’s my interpretation - as a B Corp we do what we can to improve our environmental performance but our theory of change is around social impact specifically. But a way to incorporate environmental performance into a role is by including the ‘way’ you do business, such as the tools you use etc.

I hope that all made sense!


Hi @Clare I love how you’re thinking about this! I think our role design platform Beamible might be able to help (B Lab use it for their own team!) - we can work through it together if you’d like to see?

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Let’s talk! :slight_smile: Are there DM’s on here? I’ll see if I can message you.

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